Elf Motivation 101: Insights from Santa!

Photo credit: Axente Ovidiu, Cluj-Napoca, Romania

The count down begins.  Santa’s checking the list twice.  He’s finding out who has been naught or nice?  Sounds familiar?  How does the big man in the red suite keep everything going smooth in this chaotic holiday season?  Think of all the Elves, Ms. Claus, 8 Reindeer, and one special Reindeer (Rudolph), how do you keep them all working together?

Santa, being the person that he is, must have exceptional interpersonal skills.  I often wonder how he manages to find each Elf’s strength and utilize this in the workshop. Continue reading


Why Should Anyone Follow You?


Photo Credit: Dani Simmonds

I’ve decide to blog this week from a coined phrase used in the presentation from Anne Bruce, a keynote speaker at the 2010 ASTD ALC conference in Washington DC (for those not in the training profession, that is American Society for Training and Development Chapter Leaders Conference).  So, why should anyone in the world follow you?  Follow you on tweeter, listen to you teach, speaking engagements, follow your business plan?

How many of us have these great ideas, but when we truly become honest with ourselves, do we have an answer to why anyone would want to follow us?  Is it because of our wit?  Do we have or claim to have an upper handle on some type of knowledge that others might find Continue reading

3:00 am Conversations – Three Things to Why They Are so Great!!!

Photo Credit: Bryon Ownby

Over the weekend I took my folks, as an appreciation gift, over to The 1927 Inn of Lake Lure, NC for having to assist me over the past six weeks and met some interesting individuals.  For my blog followers, I have been in recovery from a broken foot and have been suppressing traveling fever for days since the cast came off.  After a relaxing evening taking a guided tour on the lake and capturing some beautiful sky shots, I sat with my family hearing of my mother’s childhood stories of her travels throughout the area visiting family and our travels as well. Continue reading

10 Steps for an Awesome Internship Tango Dance!

Photo Credit: Moi Cody

Any one in business will tell you in order to be successful you need good people skills with a little knowledge.  Reality is, you are still in college and truthfully trying to figure out if this is the right career choice.  By now, you have completed over half of the internship program.  Have you taken a moment to do a pulse check to see how things are going?
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7 Reasons Why Rejection in the Job Market Is a Good Thing!!

Over the course of my employable life (that being two decades – no I’m not really that old, just started young), I have had been employed in many different fields ranging from retail/business sales, tourism, manufacturing, lodging, post secondary higher learning institutions, banking, and the service industry (I think that covers most).  I have been reading several different blogs and other informative documents on how to land the idea job, beef up the resume, and give the stellar interview.  Well, that helps, but what I want to note is not really for the faint of heart (or sometimes even my own heart).  Being a person of reflection and hindsight, there has been seven different areas of insight that I have personally experienced in my employable life that determines if I land the job or not.  Being rejected for a job or interview is the only true life refining process that will work.  It’s a priceless experience that is free and is open to everyone and is non-discriminatory.   Continue reading

Leadership! Really, Who’s Watching?

For those who may not have known, it’s been a Photo credit by John - mailsparky from stock.xchngbusy spring with some hobbies that took over my life – in addition to the semi annual visit by the allergy gods (that must have been angry with me).  This week’s blog post will be very short!

As I have been zoned out the past three weeks, a continual thought has come to my mind about leadership:

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