Leadership: Help, I’ve Drawn a __________!!!

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As I’m typing this blog post, my mind is trying to focus on work but mentally making that packing list for my ASTD ALC conference in DC this year, not to mention the content that I am going to write below.

Yes, I’m talking about being scatterbrained.  As I’m getting back to this, been putting out fires at work, watching a webcast on Oracle and what they are going to be doing with all their applications, answering system configuration questions, entering in training time for taking classes for the project management certification, networking on Brazen and LinkedIn, digesting the news that my report analyst has been recruited for another project, and now time to finish this blog post, again!

As a leader, doesn’t this sound like a typical day?  Interruptions, distractions, often wondering how do Continue reading


What Would 5 Founding Fathers Say Today on Leadership?

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Back in high school and college days, I spent an ample amount of time studying pre WWI history.  I was always intrigue by the founders of our nation that were so brave to take that next step.  Not that I agree with every action our forefather’s took, you will have to agree with me though, it took some guts though to accomplish laying the foundation 234 years ago for the country that we have today.  I mean, how often do you find a Adams as theologian, Thomas as philanthropist, Washington as plantation owner and militia strategist, Franklin as scientists/inventor/writer,etc all in one room drafting one of the most unique documents of all times?  I think if you had all of these people in the same room today would it be feasible to write a Declaration of Independence?  Probably not!  It would probably be a Declaration of Disaster… Continue reading

Lessons from 6 Months of Blogging

Well I’m happy to say it’s been six months into this new discipline process area in my life, blogging.  I’ve met some very great people along the way and have been inspired by many too.  Thanks to everyone who has read a blog or made any type of contribution whether electronically or in person.  For my very on success rate of grading, I give myself an 85/100.

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Defining Success

Definitely creating a blog and carving out the dedicated time to keep the content updated is a challenge.  I’m still working on just how much time is needed each week to write and post articles.  Can you ever run out of blog topics?  Well that depends on just how creative you want to be come.   Continue reading

Management Quality: How Do You Rank?

This week, when Thursday rolled around my mind was still blank on what topic to blog.  Until, I was working from home this morning and received a news txt alert on my iPhone that was actually working for once that Toyota’s CEO apologizes for the latest safety woes and has announced in a quality control committee to review and increase the company standards.  While you may read this, the question may arise, what authority do I have in writing on this Continue reading