Leadership + Communication = Influence?

Throughout my career, I have sat on several team projects. Team projects usually have a defined leader with an official title of responsibilities and duties. Then, there is the unofficial leader with no title and responsibilities that seem to merge among the group. What is the defined skill between assigned leaders and natural leadership? Continue reading


Leadership Lessons from DIY Insulation Install

Leadership, one topic that Americans have learned to not take for granted.  I’m still amazed at the gridlock that occurs in our political system – but that’s a different topic for a different day.  While playing around in my music storage room migrating the unit to be more climate controlled, my weekend was spent installing over 500 sq ft of insulation.  It has been a few years since my hands have been on power tools.  Going through the process I realized several similarities of what it takes to get a small project like this completed to what it takes to be a good leader. Continue reading

Are you ever going to come out of the cave???

Photo Credit: Don Wang, Dublin, OH

Well as with any type of leader, he or she has to take a sabbatical sometimes from the front lines. These five months have been an exciting challenge in regards to “leading self” – one of the toughest challenges for leaders I have found. Yes, it is quiet easy to tell others how to lead, but telling yourself how to lead, and applying some of that very own teaching? How profound, right? Any type of healthy leader will realize that, he or she has to take a sabbatical sometimes from the front lines (and the world will continue to go on with out you for that short time period).  Continue reading

Networking Roulette: Spin the wheel, here is your next contact!

In October 2010 of this year, I was provided a unique opportunity to participate in an online networking event called Network Roulette, sponsored by BrazenCareerist.com.  If it is one thing that I have learned in my professional career, it is networking…whether you have a job or do not have a job!  Being a part of the Network Roulette beta group, this had been the first time I have been involved in an online speed networking activity – an experience that I truly enjoyed. Continue reading

Gen Y Visioning for 2020?

Over the past few weeks, in my leadership study group for work we have been studying what is vision from a personal

Photo Credit: Malik Bhai

development perspective. Well, to be honest, it has taken me a year to discover any type of real vision and to unearth the passions in side of me. In looking over my life span, I have realized two things. For one, it has taken me a number of years to find how a) items that make me become emotionally alive, b) things I would just about die for, c) the vision for my own life vs. the vision others may have for me.   Second, since the vision that I want for my life is very obtainable and may be easily accomplished, it is probably not a strong enough challenge for me.  Continue reading

Decompressing in the Fast Lane!


Photo Credit: Joe Tanyavutti

When I first started the world of blogging, my personal goal was to post weekly on some leadership topic.  For the past three weeks, though, my schedule has been a little insane due to my road warrior habit that comes out occasionally.  At times, I wonder “just what was I thinking???”  No wonder my team at work suggested I be the scarecrow for our Halloween costume project.  I ask my coworker, which announced today my order had arrived, if by some chance did we order an additional brain?

Among this entire process overload that I am still experiencing, there has been many many ideas that have cross through my brain waves.   Continue reading

Leadership: Help, I’ve Drawn a __________!!!

Photo Credit: Julia Freeman-Woolpert

As I’m typing this blog post, my mind is trying to focus on work but mentally making that packing list for my ASTD ALC conference in DC this year, not to mention the content that I am going to write below.

Yes, I’m talking about being scatterbrained.  As I’m getting back to this, been putting out fires at work, watching a webcast on Oracle and what they are going to be doing with all their applications, answering system configuration questions, entering in training time for taking classes for the project management certification, networking on Brazen and LinkedIn, digesting the news that my report analyst has been recruited for another project, and now time to finish this blog post, again!

As a leader, doesn’t this sound like a typical day?  Interruptions, distractions, often wondering how do Continue reading