Learning: What are the next waves?

Photo courtesy of Zsuzsanna Kilian

Last week, my blog post was “missing in action.”  Why?  I was busy researching and putting together daily topics for the latest information on adult learners as my local American Society for Training and Development chapter (ASTD Smoky Mountain) celebrated what has been deemed Employee Learning Week (ELW).   Below are the daily email tops sent out to our chapter members that will be good to know in the upcoming decade.

What is Employee Learning Week?

The American Society for Training & Development (ASTD) created Employee Learning Week as an opportunity for organizations and chapters to demonstrate their commitment to employee learning and to emphasize the connection between a highly skilled workforce and organizational results.  To learn more about ELW, see www.employeelearningweek.org.


This year the Chapter received proclamation from the City of Knoxville for Employee Learning Week (ELW).  If you are not able to view the photo below of proclamation, please see the News section of our website.


Day 1 WLP Topic:

Is your organization prepared for the emergence of informal and mobile learning?  Will mLearning replace what we know as the textbook, and traditional classroom letcure?  How will mLearning impact group discussion during the delivery of course material?  Do you find yourself automatically grabbing a smart phone to quickly research a topic for class or discussion Continue reading


Leadership: Help, I’ve Drawn a __________!!!

Photo Credit: Julia Freeman-Woolpert

As I’m typing this blog post, my mind is trying to focus on work but mentally making that packing list for my ASTD ALC conference in DC this year, not to mention the content that I am going to write below.

Yes, I’m talking about being scatterbrained.  As I’m getting back to this, been putting out fires at work, watching a webcast on Oracle and what they are going to be doing with all their applications, answering system configuration questions, entering in training time for taking classes for the project management certification, networking on Brazen and LinkedIn, digesting the news that my report analyst has been recruited for another project, and now time to finish this blog post, again!

As a leader, doesn’t this sound like a typical day?  Interruptions, distractions, often wondering how do Continue reading

Brokenness: It Always Forces a Change!

Photo Credit: Colin Adamson

It is quite evident that BP is in every news article that you read lately. I personally can not wait to read the case studies that will evolve in regards to BP’s announced change. One thought that continues to go through my mind is, why does true/solid change only occur after a devastated type of event has happened? Why can’t we foresee such drastic change measures that need to occur either in our personal life or in our corporations  until a disaster has to strike before a change is made? Why is it that when we become “broken” through the process of a criss that we psychologically realize we need change? Continue reading

How Much Organization Do I Need to Live?

The last two weeks have been quite crazy for me juggling family medical issues, my own little medical flair up, work,music for the play, etc.  I’ve took a moment and decided that one of my greatest strength’s have been neglected, organization.  This also comes at a time to where one of my local professional groups hosted a session about organization.  Unfortunately, I was not able to attend.  Why?  Part of the effects of being unorganized too long (and a little of my OCD causing my blood to boil – literally, at least that’s what the medical staff says).  But this topic had me thinking, hmm, “organization”??? Continue reading