Lists, lists, and more lists: Overwhelmed?

Photo Credit: Gary Mcinnes

Lists?  It seems that everyone out there has a list for something.  List to arrive to this, list to arrive to that, and a list to get to where?  Everyone wants a list of “how to”.  But what happens when the list does not work?  What occurs when we have checked off all items?  Have we been lied to by the list?  Lied to by the list maker?  Or what did we not check off or check off incorrectly?  Continue reading


Overcoming 10 Years of Life’s Little Interruptions!!!

I gotta blog, I gotta blog, I gotta blog.  Ok, whew, now that I have gotten that all out.  It has been a few weeks since I have been able to blog for various urgent matters that I personally had to manage and resolve.  Which leads me to this topic, interruptions…don’t you just hate those dam things!!!!

Photo Credit: Steven Ritts

Unfortunately life just happens and as much as we want to have control over our lives, there is something there that seems to take that control out.  After 10 years of wondering around in the professional dessert, in the past six months, I finally decided to go find a mental compass and guide myself out to better lands. Continue reading

Brokenness: It Always Forces a Change!

Photo Credit: Colin Adamson

It is quite evident that BP is in every news article that you read lately. I personally can not wait to read the case studies that will evolve in regards to BP’s announced change. One thought that continues to go through my mind is, why does true/solid change only occur after a devastated type of event has happened? Why can’t we foresee such drastic change measures that need to occur either in our personal life or in our corporations  until a disaster has to strike before a change is made? Why is it that when we become “broken” through the process of a criss that we psychologically realize we need change? Continue reading

Is Wall Street Reform Truly the Answer?

Photo credit: Marcelo Terraza

Back in 1933, Congress passed the New Deal legislation under Franklin Delano Roosevelt to pull the country out of the Great Depression.  75 years later, Congress again is passing legislation to pull the country out of the Great Recession.  75 years in the future, it leaves me with a thought of what will Congress be passing then?  Obviously we couldn’t get it right in 1933 as we are required to make a second attempt in 2008, 75 years from now, will we have a third?

Continue reading

Burnouts: Are YOU? Your Associates? Your Learning Plan?

This week I was going to write about when we say the magic word of “Yes”, do we really know what we’re doing?  However, after our American Society for Training and Development (ASTD) excellent local chapter meeting on Avoiding Training Burnout by Eric Benson, I had to rethink big time!!

One could argue that my original topic would almost match what creates burnout. I’ve been involved with a joint venture between Wild Thyme Players and Silver Stage Players of Knoxville as Music Director of the up coming performance of “The Way the Story Goes”.   Continue reading

Management Quality: How Do You Rank?

This week, when Thursday rolled around my mind was still blank on what topic to blog.  Until, I was working from home this morning and received a news txt alert on my iPhone that was actually working for once that Toyota’s CEO apologizes for the latest safety woes and has announced in a quality control committee to review and increase the company standards.  While you may read this, the question may arise, what authority do I have in writing on this Continue reading