Brokenness: It Always Forces a Change!

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It is quite evident that BP is in every news article that you read lately. I personally can not wait to read the case studies that will evolve in regards to BP’s announced change. One thought that continues to go through my mind is, why does true/solid change only occur after a devastated type of event has happened? Why can’t we foresee such drastic change measures that need to occur either in our personal life or in our corporations  until a disaster has to strike before a change is made? Why is it that when we become “broken” through the process of a criss that we psychologically realize we need change? Continue reading


Lessons from 6 Months of Blogging

Well I’m happy to say it’s been six months into this new discipline process area in my life, blogging.  I’ve met some very great people along the way and have been inspired by many too.  Thanks to everyone who has read a blog or made any type of contribution whether electronically or in person.  For my very on success rate of grading, I give myself an 85/100.

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Defining Success

Definitely creating a blog and carving out the dedicated time to keep the content updated is a challenge.  I’m still working on just how much time is needed each week to write and post articles.  Can you ever run out of blog topics?  Well that depends on just how creative you want to be come.   Continue reading

Leadership! Really, Who’s Watching?

For those who may not have known, it’s been a Photo credit by John - mailsparky from stock.xchngbusy spring with some hobbies that took over my life – in addition to the semi annual visit by the allergy gods (that must have been angry with me).  This week’s blog post will be very short!

As I have been zoned out the past three weeks, a continual thought has come to my mind about leadership:

Continue reading

What?!? You Mean Change?

It’s been a busy week full of holiday events and getting life ready for 2010.  There are many things that have been rolling through my mind.  One thought, how many of you really thought I was going to be a slacker and let this week’s post slide by?  Not a chance.  

This week’s post took a little longer to transcribe from all the photo edits I’ve been doing of holiday events for friends, my real job, networking, creating/writing a performing arts piece, and yes attending holiday events too.  Surprisingly, I have been able to carve a little time to reflect back over the past year/decade on the erratic leadership and financial choices made.   Continue reading