iBrainOverload 3.0; 6 Tips on Combating Information Overload!

Photo Credit: Vangelis Thomaidis

In my return to the classroom for my journey towards the PMP, I have found myself to have the attention span of a 5 year old.  I knew going for my PMP certification would require tons of study and prep work.  For the past year, I have been slowly easing myself into this by reading and attending several webinars for this adventure.

One thing I have realized since being out of the education realm, one can never prep enough to begin exercising that brain muscle.  Continue reading


A New Norm for Learning & Development?

Status Quo

I think we will all agree that business will never return back to the status quo.  One thing that I am hearing from many of my colleagues in the training and development field is that businesses, for a change, are not totally slicing out this value added service.  When reflecting back, I too often think, what has happen to our society as a whole in reference to learning and development?  How did we get to this point in our nation that our education levels are now being surpassed by other countries?  How have we, as a society, been reaffirming new leadership norms of corporate greed, un-sustainable rapid growth, unethical business practices, etc?  Why has it taken the housing burst and a near banking industry collapse to have leadership and ethics studies added to some of the most prestigious MBA programs in our nation?  Has our nation’s culture sliced out this integral part of developing ourselves and our leaders and have finally realized that when you stop developing people that spells T-R-O-U-B-L-E?  I think we all agree that it is time to set a new norm for training and developing ourselves, our associates, and our leaders.   Continue reading