Lists, lists, and more lists: Overwhelmed?

Photo Credit: Gary Mcinnes

Lists?  It seems that everyone out there has a list for something.  List to arrive to this, list to arrive to that, and a list to get to where?  Everyone wants a list of “how to”.  But what happens when the list does not work?  What occurs when we have checked off all items?  Have we been lied to by the list?  Lied to by the list maker?  Or what did we not check off or check off incorrectly?  Continue reading


Elf Motivation 101: Insights from Santa!

Photo credit: Axente Ovidiu, Cluj-Napoca, Romania

The count down begins.  Santa’s checking the list twice.  He’s finding out who has been naught or nice?  Sounds familiar?  How does the big man in the red suite keep everything going smooth in this chaotic holiday season?  Think of all the Elves, Ms. Claus, 8 Reindeer, and one special Reindeer (Rudolph), how do you keep them all working together?

Santa, being the person that he is, must have exceptional interpersonal skills.  I often wonder how he manages to find each Elf’s strength and utilize this in the workshop. Continue reading

Learning: What are the next waves?

Photo courtesy of Zsuzsanna Kilian

Last week, my blog post was “missing in action.”  Why?  I was busy researching and putting together daily topics for the latest information on adult learners as my local American Society for Training and Development chapter (ASTD Smoky Mountain) celebrated what has been deemed Employee Learning Week (ELW).   Below are the daily email tops sent out to our chapter members that will be good to know in the upcoming decade.

What is Employee Learning Week?

The American Society for Training & Development (ASTD) created Employee Learning Week as an opportunity for organizations and chapters to demonstrate their commitment to employee learning and to emphasize the connection between a highly skilled workforce and organizational results.  To learn more about ELW, see


This year the Chapter received proclamation from the City of Knoxville for Employee Learning Week (ELW).  If you are not able to view the photo below of proclamation, please see the News section of our website.


Day 1 WLP Topic:

Is your organization prepared for the emergence of informal and mobile learning?  Will mLearning replace what we know as the textbook, and traditional classroom letcure?  How will mLearning impact group discussion during the delivery of course material?  Do you find yourself automatically grabbing a smart phone to quickly research a topic for class or discussion Continue reading

Are you ever going to come out of the cave???

Photo Credit: Don Wang, Dublin, OH

Well as with any type of leader, he or she has to take a sabbatical sometimes from the front lines. These five months have been an exciting challenge in regards to “leading self” – one of the toughest challenges for leaders I have found. Yes, it is quiet easy to tell others how to lead, but telling yourself how to lead, and applying some of that very own teaching? How profound, right? Any type of healthy leader will realize that, he or she has to take a sabbatical sometimes from the front lines (and the world will continue to go on with out you for that short time period).  Continue reading

iBrainOverload 3.0; 6 Tips on Combating Information Overload!

Photo Credit: Vangelis Thomaidis

In my return to the classroom for my journey towards the PMP, I have found myself to have the attention span of a 5 year old.  I knew going for my PMP certification would require tons of study and prep work.  For the past year, I have been slowly easing myself into this by reading and attending several webinars for this adventure.

One thing I have realized since being out of the education realm, one can never prep enough to begin exercising that brain muscle.  Continue reading

7 Reasons Why Rejection in the Job Market Is a Good Thing!!

Over the course of my employable life (that being two decades – no I’m not really that old, just started young), I have had been employed in many different fields ranging from retail/business sales, tourism, manufacturing, lodging, post secondary higher learning institutions, banking, and the service industry (I think that covers most).  I have been reading several different blogs and other informative documents on how to land the idea job, beef up the resume, and give the stellar interview.  Well, that helps, but what I want to note is not really for the faint of heart (or sometimes even my own heart).  Being a person of reflection and hindsight, there has been seven different areas of insight that I have personally experienced in my employable life that determines if I land the job or not.  Being rejected for a job or interview is the only true life refining process that will work.  It’s a priceless experience that is free and is open to everyone and is non-discriminatory.   Continue reading

Scheduling Play Time

This week I took some time off to play around in the music studio to do some recordings and to finish my artistic website for BECM Productions.  This was my way of relaxing after the holiday rush which included 9 hours in the kitchen cooking in addition to four hours at the local dealership to have two vehicles serviced. Continue reading