Networking Roulette: Spin the wheel, here is your next contact!

In October 2010 of this year, I was provided a unique opportunity to participate in an online networking event called Network Roulette, sponsored by  If it is one thing that I have learned in my professional career, it is networking…whether you have a job or do not have a job!  Being a part of the Network Roulette beta group, this had been the first time I have been involved in an online speed networking activity – an experience that I truly enjoyed. Continue reading


Decompressing in the Fast Lane!


Photo Credit: Joe Tanyavutti

When I first started the world of blogging, my personal goal was to post weekly on some leadership topic.  For the past three weeks, though, my schedule has been a little insane due to my road warrior habit that comes out occasionally.  At times, I wonder “just what was I thinking???”  No wonder my team at work suggested I be the scarecrow for our Halloween costume project.  I ask my coworker, which announced today my order had arrived, if by some chance did we order an additional brain?

Among this entire process overload that I am still experiencing, there has been many many ideas that have cross through my brain waves.   Continue reading

Why Should Anyone Follow You?


Photo Credit: Dani Simmonds

I’ve decide to blog this week from a coined phrase used in the presentation from Anne Bruce, a keynote speaker at the 2010 ASTD ALC conference in Washington DC (for those not in the training profession, that is American Society for Training and Development Chapter Leaders Conference).  So, why should anyone in the world follow you?  Follow you on tweeter, listen to you teach, speaking engagements, follow your business plan?

How many of us have these great ideas, but when we truly become honest with ourselves, do we have an answer to why anyone would want to follow us?  Is it because of our wit?  Do we have or claim to have an upper handle on some type of knowledge that others might find Continue reading