About Me

DSC_0042 me cropped Crossing between Generation X & Y, Bryon has never fit the mold of a traditional leader.  A good way to describe Bryon would be Buckingham and Coffman’s book, “First, Break All the Rules”.  Those that know him well find that he is passionate about successful development of people in various leadership roles either at home, school, or at work.  Bryon’s professional background began during his collegiate years of serving in various campus leadership roles ranging from various special interest groups through becoming President of Omicron Delta Kappa (National Leadership Honor Society).  Areas of Bryon’s experience relate to strategic thinking for information system implementations, financial systems operation procedures, leading teams, and soft skills development.

Outside of the professional world, Bryon enjoys reading and studying leadership, teaching soft skills development, instruction design, classroom facilitation, musician (piano/vocal/guitar), community theater digital photography, socializing, golf, volleyball, biking, hiking, etc…anything to get him away from the computer and out with people.

Bryon has held many various team roles ranging from a start-up non-profit business manager, audit manager for small public accounting firms, network administrator for small businesses, sales, tourism, office manager, tax manager, pianist/lead & backup vocalist in bands, acting in community theater,  etc…  Over the course of time, Bryon has worked with some great leaders and some leaders that well would be great with a little tweaking.  That little tweaking gets us all from time to time.

While taking a four year sabbatical from all leadership roles that began in 2004 from leadership burnout, Bryon is now spending time reflecting over his life during this period and the passion he has in wanting to see others succeed.  In this reflection time, Bryon has realized that nearly every employment opportunity in the past has been a result of a corporate transitioning project.  Over the course of his career to date, Bryon has been a part of five corporate office transition projects.  His biggest and most rewarding transitional project is having an opportunity to provide training and assistance in off-shoring and outsourcing accounting functions from his previous employer.  He believes now that his gift lies in how to help others manage conflict and change with a specialization of corporate transitions.  During this time period, he also took a long and hard analysis of his purpose, vision, and reasoning of existence.  Today, he has merged into the learning and development field as a result of his past experiences with a M.Ed in Human Resource Development (aka, Human Process Improvement).  In all his past roles, Bryon has always played the part of either instructing new individuals either via technical skills or in career launching encouragement conversations to go beyond the status quo.

Bryon has served in capacities of managing employee development, oversee collegiate internship programs, and served as instructor in management development.  His past instructional projects includes working with major Fortune 500 companies in the delivery of in-class technical skills of PeopleSoft Financials, offshore cost analyst training utilizing SAP, and financial audit training with various small accounting firms. The latest soft skills focus include redesigning conflict management class curriculum and developing instructional guide in how to manage change based upon Hans Fenzel’s book, “Change is Like a Slinky” and Heath Brothers “Made to Stick”.  Career experiences such as these have led to various market knowledge in segments ranging from sales and customer service, tourism and hospitality industry, business-to-business support, and global manufacturing industries.  Bryon is most honored to have received his department’s customer care award for 1st & 2nd Quarter 2009 from leading a process/design change for forecasting financial data for his employer’s IR division.  During this time period, he has also worked with a local non-profit group in developing an outreach program to target those 20-30 Somethings (called Gen X & Y).  It has been during this time that he has come to realize how much of a passion is there for connecting people and to help new emerging leaders grow and expand on their natural given talents and strengths.

Professional knowledge of adult learning and development for Bryon came through his service on the local ASTD chapter Board of Directors for training and development as Secretary, Marketing, President-Elect, and President to continual chapter growth and program development.  

This my friend, I give you “Let’s Talk Leadership”!

Let’s Talk Leadership is a personal blog where all opinions are written on my own unless stated otherwise and do not reflect the views and opinions of my community, clients, and/or employer.  Please feel free to contact me regarding any content shared on this blog.