Leadership + Communication = Influence?

Throughout my career, I have sat on several team projects. Team projects usually have a defined leader with an official title of responsibilities and duties. Then, there is the unofficial leader with no title and responsibilities that seem to merge among the group. What is the defined skill between assigned leaders and natural leadership?

In my exploration and experience with leadership, the rising theory appears to be that leaders who have the greatest influence are those that ave the strongest communication skills. What does those communication skills then require to balance out the equation of influence? Three things are key in the area of communication that will impact your leadership to have the strongest influence on the team. One, how do you communicate to others? Is this positive, supportive, and encouraging? Second, what is your knowledge and experience level on the subject matter to be communicated? How do you incorporate others feedback into your communication to make your message and the team’s message strongest? Third, do you have a clear focus in what to communicate followed up by necessary action plans – especially during times of change and conflict.

With these three simple changes to communication, one may increase their present day leadership skills to bring about the desired influence to lead their teams. What other areas of communication have you experienced as a leader that helps drive influence?


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