3 Common Mistakes of Leaders

A few weeks back I promised my followers on Tweeter I’d be online more. I have made a personal pledge to blog more myself. As I’m figuring out what this first blog post will be, I have realized some very important things are missing to help me complete the process.

I first see the low battery indicator on my iPad and suddenly realize that I hope I have enough power to get me through this mindstorm typing session. Then I suddenly realized, wham! Lesson #1: Leaders should keep a tab of where their most important tools are located. Ah! Found the charger – obviously, right where I last left it!! I suddenly realized the keyboard had been laying out away from the iPad for days. It was time to dust of the keys and begin writing. Lesson #2: Leaders should frequently return to their tools to continue to hone their skills. As I manage to think about this topic more, I realized it has been quite some time since my last blog post. Lesson #3: I will only leave you will 3 not 33 common mistakes leaders make. Application – how will you utilize the many tools that have been provided. As managers, there are so many tools given throughout one’s career that may be overwhelming. Sometimes, there is fear to take those tools and utilize them in different capacities – granted, some should not be. As leaders, coloring outside the box provides no fear for them. The essential experimental type of learning and exploration comes natural.

In my years of service managing and leading others, these have been the three most common challenges observed. Leaders are challenged knowing, polishing, and utilizating their tools. Have you observed or seen similar challenges throughout your lifetime?


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