Lists, lists, and more lists: Overwhelmed?

Photo Credit: Gary Mcinnes

Lists?  It seems that everyone out there has a list for something.  List to arrive to this, list to arrive to that, and a list to get to where?  Everyone wants a list of “how to”.  But what happens when the list does not work?  What occurs when we have checked off all items?  Have we been lied to by the list?  Lied to by the list maker?  Or what did we not check off or check off incorrectly? 

A list somehow psychologically gives us hope to resolve a problem, an issue, obtain, or acquire something that we want – or to just feel dam good about ourselves.  But why do they not work?  Why are we unhappy after following the list and checking off all the boxes?  It kind of reminds me about New Years resolutions.  Are we seriously going to follow everything the list says?  Are we seriously going to do the analysis and evaluations list requires?

What happens to individuality?  Granted some lists are good to go by and follow – like how to install a light switch I have discovered while performing the duties of an electrician in creating my home recording studio/project room.  It helps to avoid burning the place down.  To address why lists do not work, I feel it is mere application, or lack of application to be exact.  Application does not mean duplication.  We forget that what works for one person may not work for another person to arrive at the same results.  There is a path to follow – a list may get you started.   However, your life may dictate a different path – that’s the fun part about following lists.  Don’t give up, you will get there!


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