Learning: What are the next waves?

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Last week, my blog post was “missing in action.”  Why?  I was busy researching and putting together daily topics for the latest information on adult learners as my local American Society for Training and Development chapter (ASTD Smoky Mountain) celebrated what has been deemed Employee Learning Week (ELW).   Below are the daily email tops sent out to our chapter members that will be good to know in the upcoming decade.

What is Employee Learning Week?

The American Society for Training & Development (ASTD) created Employee Learning Week as an opportunity for organizations and chapters to demonstrate their commitment to employee learning and to emphasize the connection between a highly skilled workforce and organizational results.  To learn more about ELW, see www.employeelearningweek.org.


This year the Chapter received proclamation from the City of Knoxville for Employee Learning Week (ELW).  If you are not able to view the photo below of proclamation, please see the News section of our website.


Day 1 WLP Topic:

Is your organization prepared for the emergence of informal and mobile learning?  Will mLearning replace what we know as the textbook, and traditional classroom letcure?  How will mLearning impact group discussion during the delivery of course material?  Do you find yourself automatically grabbing a smart phone to quickly research a topic for class or discussion group?  Wikipedia lists out several key points when assessing an organization in regards to onboarding to this new aspect of learning – and for us to consider as workplace learning and performance professionals.  What value does your organization place on mobile learning?  Are you preparing to over come the challenges (technical, social and educational) associated with informal and mobile learning?  Do you view your organization to be part of the growth and future that is associated with mLearning?  How is new mobile technology utilized in the delivery of content?  What method of approach have you or or organization participated in mLearning?  How familiar are you with the latest technologies for mLearning?  Click here to read more from Wkipedia.


Day 2 WLP Topic:

Reflection, there is something to be said in regards to taking time out to see how the past has set the precedent for the future.  In my googling of various topics, the search results for today’s interest was sparked by seeing this top “Must Haves” one may need for your learning management system in the next decade .  See how many you may already identify that may be in place for your organization.  More can be read from the blog of John DiDonato, editor at large for Elearning!Top 20 Trends in Enterprise Education.

A Decade Ago

A Decade Forward

  1. 80% classroom based
  2. 80% formal
  3. Centrally administered, instructor-led
  4. Centrally provided information
  5. LMS as a learning destination
  6. Isolated learning
  7. Hour-long learning objects
  8. Location-centric
  9. One size fits all
  10. Directed lab experience
  11. Closed educational resources
  12. Available at certain times
  13. Segmented by team function
  14. Global considerations emerging
  15. Just-in-case education and learning
  16. Company-centric education
  17. Country-centric language support
  18. Minimal Talent Management Support
  19. Some elective certifications provided
  20. “Behind our firewall” mentality
  1. 80% in the workplace
  2. 80% informal
  3. Self-directed learning
  4. Search based inquiries
  5. Social networks for learning
  6. Social / networked learning
  7. 5-minute long video snippets
  8. Mobile-centric
  9. Individualized / personalized
  10. + games and simulations
  11. + open educational resources
  12. 24/7 availability of learning
  13. Project-based against company goals
  14. Global plus country localization needs
  15. Context sensitive – just-in-time
  16. Education to the “Extended Enterprise”
  17. Support of global languages
  18. Talent Management Support Key
  19. Mandatory compliance and regulations
  20. Software as a Service (SaaS) mentality

Day 3 WLP Topic:

In the age of collaboration, change can roll over your professional life like a tsunami if you’re not proactive. It’s one thing to keep an eye on trends such as mobile learning, talent management, and the latest insights on leadership development, but it’s quite another to recalibrate your skills, your job, your thinking, and your professional relationships to keep pace. If you still believe learning and development (L&D) is merely about the transfer of knowledge, you’re already behind the times. And if you think you will be working mostly with other HR professionals in the future, you’re mistaken.  This topic is taken directly from:  December 2011 issue of T+D magazine.

Which one of emerging six emerging themes will you participate in 2012?

  1. Hero leadership to collective leadership
  2. Intellectual property to agile co-creativity
  3. Employment value proposition to personal value proposition
  4. Sameness to segmentation
  5. Fatigue to sustainability
  6. Persuasion to education

Day 4 WLP Topic:

Honest, open communication is critical to the success and longevity of personal relationships, and such communication is important in workplace relationships between managers and their direct reports.  Without frequent, transparent communication between both parties, an organization is restricted in its ability to grow and prosper.  Employees need direct, frequent contact to fully engage in work.  Great managers know how to build trust, listen, deliver feedback and manage tough conversations.  Close relationships between managers and their direct reports, improve collaboration, streamline execution, increase engagement and enhance performance.  Distant relations, on the other hand, can lead to more mistakes and lower productivity.  Read more of this topic from:  December 2011 issue of CLO magazine.

Does your leadership program consist of the following:

  • Building Trust
  • Listening
  • Delivering Effective Feedback
  • Managing Challenging Conversations

The distance separating managers and their direct reports can be the biggest productivity and performance drain in an organization.

Day 5 WLP Topic:

Humor is great for setting the tone of a classroom learning environment.  After all, there is some truth to the saying “Laughter is the best medicine”.  How do you inject humor into your classroom setting?  Do you use humor during the instruction of intense and “dreaded” topics?  We would like to close out ELW with a little vocabulary humor:

The new Vice Principal, made an announcement, over the school intercom “The staff and students would like to congratulate Mr. Green on his forthcoming marriage.”

Later, when she saw him he thanked her for the special attention. He added, that perhaps, for Junior High school, she should use smaller words. It seems 2 or 3 students had asked him about his 3 earlier marriages.


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