When Days & Nights Collide!

Five days later, I’m still recovering.  Black Friday or should it be called Zombie Day (as a friend of mine already called the local shopping zone Zombie Land).  From the fighting in the isles, waiting in the frigid cold, to the checkout lane that never moved – I decided to attempt Black Friday again.  At 4am, I’m beyond loony – not realizing at 9am, I’m to be in the kitchen cooking Thanksgiving Dinner as my immediate family celebrated Thanksgiving on Friday of this year.  After family saw me crash in the office chair at 3pm from cooking lunch and putting up the Christmas tree, family got the subtle hint to leave and back to the store (or rather stores).  In my crash landing in the bed at 6pm , from being up 36 hours straight, here is my Top 10 list.  It will indicate if you have shopped too much as this was compiled before the brain and body shut down from the Zombie’s shopping event of the season:

  1. When 6pm becomes the new bedtime from being up 36 hours straight
  2. You can’t take naps or go to sleep without having nightmares where you going to stuff all the stuff
  3. When you question yourself, do I really need two of these to minimize inconveniences?
  4. When Thanksgiving and Black Friday all become one gigantic blur – you don’t recall one day ending and one beginning
  5. When you still don’t recall the 9 hours of shopping
  6. When you find things that weren’t on your original shopping list and wonder how they got there
  7. You still have stuff at friend’s house from shopping because your body couldn’t keep up with all the deals you found
  8. You are hiding family Christmas presents still in the trunk of your car
  9. You haven’t unpacked your car from the first wave of pre-Black Friday sales
  10. You come home and you already can’t find your bed (or bedroom)

The only thing that was left off this list that was discovered later – when you wonder if life will allow you to schedule in 14 hours of sleep.  As a leader, occasionally you need to step out and experience something new and different – and get to know what is going on in your back yard.  It will make you appreciate the “normal” times – if such a thing exists.  I think I have found a new appreication of the Zombie World – but I have shopped enough this year!


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