What Does It Take to Change?

What requires you to make change in your life? Is it a friend willing to go down the journey of change with you? Is it a friend willing to nudge you or drop kick you in the rear if you don’t make change you keep talking about?

It’s obvious change is a fact of life. If you have not figured that one one, please let me know what planet you are living on as I would like to join you. Why do we change? Is it to make our lives better? Improve the lives of others? Personal gain? Self-development? Have a lasting impact on others?

For me, change has been away of life as I have lost count of the significant life changes in the past 12 years including personal and professional. (For those who may not know, I’ve taught change management for three years at my company’s location to over 200 managers). In my Planning & Developing Curriculum class last night, the class performed a left-brain right-brain evaluation. Of course if you really know me, you can guess my score – nearly at the top of the right brain side. The instructor was amazed since my day job has me operating in a left-brain world (not to mention my extrovertedness).

How have I survived since there are only so many ways you can be legally creative in accounting and system programming/logic?

  • One, figure out what the change should be.
  • Go for the change no matter what the risk will be.  If not, the risk of not changing may be worse (been there, done that).
  • Remember, the first thought of change may not always be the correct one.
  • It’s not been easy: hint, hint – why I’m back in school for a MA in Education, HRD.  I prefer to stay legal.
  • There will be multiple steps, go with what is natural for you and your natural instincts: hint, hint – more upcoming education in the performing arts arena, photography, & music biz.  I love creative media!
  • Found peers in the desired profession and have become involved (or overly involved as some would put it) to keep my blood flowing and the creative juices boiling.
  • I’ve learned, no matter how much “free time” you think you have, the brain is only able to process so much new material per day/week/month, etc.
  • It will be amazing adventure once the change gets going, keep up with the people you meet.
  • To keep up the momentium, I remind myself of my present state vs. my desired state.  The desired state get’s me out of the bed!

Everyone is contemplating a change, what will it take to make yours?


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