Wishful Thinking Is not Day Dreaming!


It’s Saturday night and I’m wondering if my phone this time will update correctly with the time change that is about to occur in my area. I sit and think about my office and the new music studio hobby room, thinking about needing heavenly intervention to organized the two rooms – especially before tax season with having two side partnerships.

Day 10 is quickly approaching from where I had my tonsils and adnoieds yanked out (well the first few days that’s what it felt like). Amazing what the human mind will dwell on when all you can do is sit, sleep, and stare out the window.

But it’s times like these that make you wonder what life would be without the things you do, the things you enjoy, the people you love to be with, etc. Interesting how difficult it is to refrain from doing some of those things in life that seem natural – like singing with the radio, driving yourself, cooking your own food, doing your own laundry. “It’s ok”, I keep telling myself, “in 5 days you can begin to hum your favorite tunes when they play on the radio”.

Why am I saying all if this? Obviously, yes, my little medical procedure was minor. But, it had a few major interruptions with “my” life. Only when you begin to read or hear the limited things “you can do” and the big list of “you can’t do”, do you realize what is a part of you and what is not. There is only so many different ways you can fix a milkshake people!

When you are forced to stop and sit still, what really comes to your mind? It is probably a few things that matter the most! Right? For me, my mind was truly dwelling on things I might do when I’m fully released this week to “normal”. Yes, I’m thankful for friendships and family, although this time period made me really think about my life, seeking out a higher purpose or calling beyond myself. Everyone has an impact to the world around them, but how are we impacting those that we meet and interact with the most? Is that impact positive or negative?

Next step in life becomes the question to ask. Is it part of your day dream to live a life that will have a positive impact on others to succeed and do their best? Or is it wishful thinking that your day and the decisions that you make will hopefully impact someone positively. What would life be like if we intentionally set out our day to find ways to positively impact others rather than let chance decide that for ourselves?

My time off that required me to sit still for several days was difficult. Those that know me, know that I have to be doing something as idle time just drives me up the wall. This time off though really challenge me to look at my life from the slow lane perspective. No, not any new or profound knowledge came about during my pent up stay recovering from the surgery. I did find though my soul and passions meeting really for the first time a desire, either though my music, art, or in spoken word, to cherish the talents I do have and find ways to make the world a brighter place to be.

When those things that are burning in your soul mixed with the passionate things you have, funneled by the talents bestowed upon you in this life, the burst of energy will enable you to make a positive impact in your corner of the world.


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