How to Drive Your Freight Train

Wow, when the train starts rolling, it doesn’t stop!  That is so true for my own personal life and probably true for many of us.  This summer was a pivital change in my life as I enrolled in to a regional unversity’s Masters in Education with a focus in Human Resource Development program (aka, now known as Human Performance Improvement).  Shall we not forget I am working on my project management certification as well.  In the midst of this, a couple of hobbies that I have in music and digital photography are beginning to turn in to side business adventures – yes, I’m investigating certificaiton classes for them as well.  (We will not even count my normal day job that is funding all this).  This almost reminds me of my junior and senior year of college being heavily involved in campus leadership activities and some how graduated without going insane.  Sleep?  Who needs it right? 

I know, most of you are now asking, where in the world do I get the time and energy to manage all of this?  Well, going through my HRD program, I have been asking the same thing.  Going through many of the assessments, I have realized part of this is related to my personality make up that has to be busy doing something.  However, this is not another blog of how to be like me!   There is enough of that around these days and we have forgotten what individuality is like.

What I have come across are some tips and tricks of how not to scream “will someone let me off the freight train!!!” 

  1. I am not the driver of the train no matter what I may think.
  2. Everything always works out – even those accidental double bookings.  (Things do get canceled or can be rescheduled). 
  3. Have an understanding of what you want out of life – that usually guides the train. 
  4. Work only on the things that support your dream or passion of how you want to live your life.  (Yes, that means now that I’ve gotten my feet wet into my graduate program, time to do some more blogging).
  5. I still believe that if it is something you enjoy, it will not be work – it will still feel like a hobby.  (After experiencing the death of three friends of the family the past 4 months, life is to short to be dreading anytihng when you wake up).
  6. Understand their will be some things in life that you cannot do – make note of that and learn to deligate.  (Social life temporarily on hold).
  7. Do take moments and dream – even with your eyes open as you are zipping down the freeway.  (Still watch out for the drivers around you, they may be doing the same thing). 
  8. Understand early who are the most important relationships and remain in contact with them!  (It helps to have people that are working towards the same goal in your life). 

Hope these ideas and principles will help the next time you find life being in the fast lane.  If you have an idea or a concept that works well for you, please share.


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