Are you ever going to come out of the cave???

Photo Credit: Don Wang, Dublin, OH

Well as with any type of leader, he or she has to take a sabbatical sometimes from the front lines. These five months have been an exciting challenge in regards to “leading self” – one of the toughest challenges for leaders I have found. Yes, it is quiet easy to tell others how to lead, but telling yourself how to lead, and applying some of that very own teaching? How profound, right? Any type of healthy leader will realize that, he or she has to take a sabbatical sometimes from the front lines (and the world will continue to go on with out you for that short time period).  For me, my time off has been spent on lassoing my health back in as I’m happy to say I’ve lost almost 20lbs – special thanks to my online tweeter group, #BLKnox, who has kept me oh so heavily accountable!  (These last 20lbs are going to be a killer!)

Well not all sabbaticals require you to be on some deserted island under an umbrella holding a “nice pretty drink”!  Actually this time off has provided some very unique contacts that are leading me on a path that I never could have charted!  All you have to have is a vision, and when life says it’s time for the vision to have legs and wheels, those will come – but do not underestimate the lessons you will learn during that time of waiting for the vision to come true.

The five months off has provided me time to actually start a band, close down a business and reopen with a new name going in a new and totally different direction than ever planned – while still keeping my day job.  The time off has really allowed me to see what I so desperately want out of life – an avenue to help others.  Right now we are figuring out how to put all those “sugar plumbs” on paper and in some type of strategic plan.   And it is even more profound how someone’s management team recognizes the same thing and you really don’t have to talk – you really know you have your answer then!!!

As I close my thoughts, special thanks to those 600+ readers who have hit my side and read some of my posts while I had to take a break!  I hope to be posting more insights on leading for new and upcoming leaders.  In the meantime, don’t be afraid sometimes to pull yourself to the sidelines and regroup!

I would like to hear about some of the ways you take breaks, breathers, sabbaticals and how you spend your time to recharge/refresh and come back with new ideas and strategic plans to follow?

Oh yes….Happy St. Patrick’s day to all my Irish Friends!


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