Gen Y Visioning for 2020?

Over the past few weeks, in my leadership study group for work we have been studying what is vision from a personal

Photo Credit: Malik Bhai

development perspective. Well, to be honest, it has taken me a year to discover any type of real vision and to unearth the passions in side of me. In looking over my life span, I have realized two things. For one, it has taken me a number of years to find how a) items that make me become emotionally alive, b) things I would just about die for, c) the vision for my own life vs. the vision others may have for me.   Second, since the vision that I want for my life is very obtainable and may be easily accomplished, it is probably not a strong enough challenge for me.  Somewhere between an enormous amount of windshield time, seminars, evaluating systems longevity, networking, and blah, blah, blah, I have had to ask myself what is my vision for 2011 or even 2020?  Is 2020 really ten years away?

Of course, my gut instinct likes to second guess everything that I put out there in my life. Yep, not to mention taming this little gremlin has become a full time job. Reflecting back, for me, the visioning process is appearing to be like this:

  1. If people in a certain field keeps informing you that this may be where you belong, take heed to this information…and not 15 years later realize that this may be a key strength for you in your life.
  2. Realize sooner or later, the world will let your generation be in charge…when that time comes, be prepared to make as much positive impact you can on those around you.
  3. Always find those things that will allow you to relax to be able to dream beyond your current circumstances…reading, sports, music, etc…
  4. If you are still carrying around many things in the personal suitcase, imagine what life would be like if you lost that luggage on a trip…then go for that dream.
  5. Skills, don’t be afraid to experiment or develop any new found strengths that you have identified…then find ways to use those to help others to benefit the human race in a positive light. Influence is the key to all things!
  6. Last but not lease, if you find an area in life that you cannot manage on your own, find people that are great at this task and go for it!!!

In conclusion, for me, I have realized that my own personal vision needs to be stronger and more focus on the things that emotionally grab me. Questions that I am asking of myself, what are the things you sit and dwell on or wish would happen? How may I have a positive impact on those around me? Does my vision help others succeed, add value to the human race, or is it all about what I want out of life? What is stopping you from going for the change you want?Who/what are my distracters? Who is supporting me? Who around me has a similar vision that may challenge me to expand my horizons and to throw away my very own box of thinking and get a new box?

My question for my readers, what has been the process you have taken to establish a very challenging vision for your life? Does it involve a new way of thinking, a new set of ideals, more obstacles than you can even presently imagine, needing resources beyond the sources that are already around you?


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