Decompressing in the Fast Lane!


Photo Credit: Joe Tanyavutti

When I first started the world of blogging, my personal goal was to post weekly on some leadership topic.  For the past three weeks, though, my schedule has been a little insane due to my road warrior habit that comes out occasionally.  At times, I wonder “just what was I thinking???”  No wonder my team at work suggested I be the scarecrow for our Halloween costume project.  I ask my coworker, which announced today my order had arrived, if by some chance did we order an additional brain?

Among this entire process overload that I am still experiencing, there has been many many ideas that have cross through my brain waves.  As I speak with more and more colleagues, our world is seeing that Social Media is here to stay and that it is becoming a very useful too in the workplace setting.  Throughout my three week adventure, I have stumbled across some very cool things in the technology field that is revolutionizing how we will communicate and do business within the next few years.  Obviously Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn are just a few of the many popular tools for building an online community.  QR Codes?  Newer technology?  Newer social media niche sites?  Of course, the key for success in using these tools is to develop a strong and consistent strategy.

For me personally, this new 21st Century model of communication has allowed me to connect with so many different people remotely until I feel like I am in living a virtual life in “real time” and taking these people with me.  Social Media has impacted everything, from the way we learn, to how businesses are spending advertising dollars, to branding and re-branding, providing a different means of collaboration to take place, and it will be to no surprise in a few years when the standard telephone will become obsolete – much stronger impact than I had realized.  A land line, will the next generation see that as being so 20th century-ish?  Fax number, who ever heard of that?

Well as my week is winding down I found myself attending three more seminars.  Topics covered re-branding, how to gain participants engagement in the class room (hmm, back channel learning opportunity?), wrapping up 21 Indispensable Qualities of a Leader study group sessions, and three hours talking about communication for project management.  (Let’s not mention teaching 3 hours on change management).  But yet, it is Friday morning and I find myself preparing for yet another road warrior weekend event, I have just realized…how do you decompress while running in the fast lane?  Here are a few tips that are working for me:

  • Find music that is emotionally motivating for you to silently rock out to as you take a moment and think of your dreams and how the things you have learned will better support those dreams
  • Find a positive environment to think about those dreams as for me that would involve many places other than at home as the reason being my career path at times is to foreign for my family to comprehend
  • Social media – that’s why they invented the hash tag (#) to where I can go back later and see exactly what was I thinking in my electronic notes as a notebook is one thing less to pack when I’m behind the windshield
  • Think of how you may benefit others by investing your new profound knowledge to make his/her life much better
  • In my fast pace of decompression, this blog post is yet another means as I dwell on the continual thought of my personal vision for my professional life is absolutely un-challenging.

Through all the rapid learning that has taken place over the past three weeks, I have decided to throw out the window all my goals and not focusing on what I can accomplish, but what may I glean from a long life filled with learning!  Of course now, I have to figure out time to fully decompress – will that be behind the windshield of my next road trip?  Do you have any other suggestive means that works for you when trying to decompress while in the fast pace of life?


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