iBrainOverload 3.0; 6 Tips on Combating Information Overload!

Photo Credit: Vangelis Thomaidis

In my return to the classroom for my journey towards the PMP, I have found myself to have the attention span of a 5 year old.  I knew going for my PMP certification would require tons of study and prep work.  For the past year, I have been slowly easing myself into this by reading and attending several webinars for this adventure.

One thing I have realized since being out of the education realm, one can never prep enough to begin exercising that brain muscle.  Here are some pointers that I have developed for me that may be helpful the next time you need to combat brain overload:

  1. Comprehension…realize I am only going to comprehend so much at one time.  Read and re-read later, and then, re-read again!
  2. Discipline…remove yourself from all tech gadgets and either acquire noise cancellation headphones that are not plugged into any device or ear plugs.
  3. Socializing…realize you still need those connections, but limit to only one item per week (true friends will still be there when you finish your learning project(s)).
  4. Responsibility…although I’m single and with no kids, family at times will get in the way, learn to manage and defer responsibility (it’s ok for others to take charge).
  5. Relaxation…learn to breath, eat, and exercise well at the beginning of a learning journey as it will be your only sustaining sanity to accomplish your goal(s).
  6. Memory…learn to write down the non essentials that will give your brain a rest and to concentrate on the essentials (having an appointment calendar helps!!!)

Please share with me how you manage information overload while learning….


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