3:00 am Conversations – Three Things to Why They Are so Great!!!

Photo Credit: Bryon Ownby

Over the weekend I took my folks, as an appreciation gift, over to The 1927 Inn of Lake Lure, NC for having to assist me over the past six weeks and met some interesting individuals.  For my blog followers, I have been in recovery from a broken foot and have been suppressing traveling fever for days since the cast came off.  After a relaxing evening taking a guided tour on the lake and capturing some beautiful sky shots, I sat with my family hearing of my mother’s childhood stories of her travels throughout the area visiting family and our travels as well.

Afterwards, I sneaked in the lounge area and met some interesting folks beyond the rich history of the inn where a few presidents of the Roaring 20’s stayed and in the 80’s Dirty Dancing was filmed.  Needless to say, it wasn’t difficult to join in the conversation.  It always amazes me when you walk into a room and wonder, hmm, which side of the room shall I go to join in the fun.  Over the course of the night, I was able to learn quite a bit about individuals and it became was quite interesting to share why I was there: celebrating that the cast came off and I can get out of the house!!!

No matter who you meet, everyone has a story to share.  Whether it was some that I heard that night of celebrating a recent graduation from a nurse practitioner program, taking alterative vacations due to unexpected work demands, or coming to America after loosing a spouse to a sudden medical emergency to write about this experience to raise money for local charity, or seeing a wedding party celebrate the event through the late hours of the night.  How good are you writing your own stories?

From hearing other stories, it gives you a chance to reflect on your life.  I had a wonderful opportunity to listen to many of the stories from one guest at the hotel until 3am in the morning.  My reflection was, if something tragically occurred in my life of loosing someone close like the guest experienced, I will hope that I would be able to turn that event like this person of giving back and dedicating her life of serving others.

And last, as always in sharing your story, don’t be afraid to be you!  Being you creates such a genuine connection.  If you are not you, then who are people going to truly connect with, the person you are trying to imitate?

Next time when you are talking to a group of strangers at 3am in the morning, remember, it is all about stories and all about being you.  Don’t forget to listen!!!


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