10 Steps for an Awesome Internship Tango Dance!

Photo Credit: Moi Cody

Any one in business will tell you in order to be successful you need good people skills with a little knowledge.  Reality is, you are still in college and truthfully trying to figure out if this is the right career choice.  By now, you have completed over half of the internship program.  Have you taken a moment to do a pulse check to see how things are going?

Over the course of managing the internship program for our Marriott site, below are some things to consider as you are performing that last dance with what may be your perspective employer:

  1. Are you networking with those around you?  It’s time to be honest, who do you really know and who are only acquaintances?  Who have you invited to the dance floor and who has invited you to the dance floor?
  2. Is this field anything like you thought it was?  From someone who has worked several years after college, this may be your last time to determine if you will be happy dancing with this employer for a while (a long while).
  3. Have you refused to do any assignments?  Really, no is a good sign of boundaries, but really, as an intern the goal should be to serve the people.  So who has asked you to dance and you have said no?  Could this be a future swing to your success?
  4. Have you ask for additional assignments?  Stepping up and taking lead is an admiral trait that any manager likes to see.  As you are on the dance floor, are you taking the lead or you following the lead?
  5. Are you doing more than just reading tech manuals?  Come on, you have to show something worthwhile for your portfolio other than all the trips to the beach you wanted to take?  Beach trips do not pay bills – or do they?
  6. Have you been entrusted to be part of the decision making process?  How are others following you in the intern program?  Have management made you part of the dance party or you still sitting on the sidelines wondering if you should join?
  7. Are you even doing an internship in a department or a division that is even close to your education?  I recall one year, having an accounting intern working in a collections department, that’s a real bad match and a bad use of 3 years of hard work.  The question to ask, do you even dance the same version of tango?
  8. If this employer was like your date, would you go home and want to call him/her the next morning, or wish you never will hear from him/her again?  Are they saying the same thing about you?
  9. It’s the morning after your internship; it’s time to step away from the dream for reality.  Do a culture, values, work ethic match today before you waist anyone else time.
  10. How well are you playing with the competition to your advantage?  Are you able to network and job shadow other interns to see what projects they are working on as a means to become more acquainted with the organization?

I’d love to hear your comments on the Tango dance you are having during your internship whether it has been good or bad.  Enjoy the dance!!!


2 thoughts on “10 Steps for an Awesome Internship Tango Dance!

  1. thanks for the post – I know a bunch of people this will benefit who are currently doing volunteering at competitive law firms here in Sydney. Reading this on a page of a blog will hopefully sink in a little deeper than if I just ranted and raved on by myself!

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