Restart, Shut Down, Hibernate, Sleep??? Is it possible to commit to one?

Photo Credit: Marcelo Terraza

Photo Credit: Marcelo Terraza

It’s been an interesting week for me as I am working on several projects at one time.  My poor brain feels like a CPU processor with the operator trying to find the start button to figure out what I’m suppose to do next.  Ever have those moments that when you first committed to a project your first thought was, yes, I should have an ample amount of time for this?  Later to discover, what the heck was I thinking.

It’s Friday afternoon and I’m trying to decide which button or program I’m suppose click on after I finished watching a webinar with a few co-workers on how to think on your feet.  It’s very odd that next week I will be leading discussion on commitment for our 21 Qualities of a Leader group sessions.  I have been doing a lot of thinking today on what exactly is commitment, or rather from my perspective, what is “over-commitment” (when I look at my week as the play that I have underscored (and now sound engineer) goes into production tonight, just applied to grad school, Office 2010 Beta testing, taking assessment 1 out of 5 for PMP certification, review feedback comments from prior classes for future class enhancements).  Whew, that’s a mouthful.

It’s obvious that I don’t have commitment phobia.  I love reading wikipedia’s definition of commitment and the example sentence at the bottom of the page that uses the word “decommitted”.  Does such a word exist?  To define commitment, I will have to stick with Wikitionary’s definition as an act or instance of committing, putting in charge, keeping, or trust.

While typing away here, the question keeps coming to my mind of why do I make the commitments that I do?  For me, it’s obvious that I do have a love for the arts and enjoy expressing myself through music and song.  I also have a love in life of helping others lead and why I enjoy teaching classes on change management and conflict.  Truly, most of my commitments come out of things that I enjoy.

As I think about the class that I will be leading next week with our upcoming leaders, why do we make the commitments that we make?  How good are we at fulfilling the commitments that we speak on?  How do we handle those commitments that we are not able to fulfill?   Are our commitments fulfilling?  My answers to these questions are that I 1) try to gauge my commitments based upon my goals, vision, and purpose that I have placed in my life, 2) I am generally great at follow through, 3) 99% of the time I do manage my time well and try to minimize committing to things that I am not able to be apart of, but if I do and only after analyzing the impact, I try to communicate a “decommittment” as soon as possible, 4) yes, even after a very tiring week, I still do feel fulfilled and energized by the commitments that I have made in my life.

For me, to answer my initial question, I’ll finally press the ‘Shut Down’ button on Sunday night (after I had dad his father’s day card).

I’m curious, as you read this post, how do you manage commitment, decommitments, and are your commitments presently fulfilling to you?


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