Lessons from 6 Months of Blogging

Well I’m happy to say it’s been six months into this new discipline process area in my life, blogging.  I’ve met some very great people along the way and have been inspired by many too.  Thanks to everyone who has read a blog or made any type of contribution whether electronically or in person.  For my very on success rate of grading, I give myself an 85/100.

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Defining Success

Definitely creating a blog and carving out the dedicated time to keep the content updated is a challenge.  I’m still working on just how much time is needed each week to write and post articles.  Can you ever run out of blog topics?  Well that depends on just how creative you want to be come.  At times, I admit I have blank thoughts throughout the week until that last moment when, ah, it comes to me!

Let’s not forget to mention about life’s happenings too.  One cannot create a blog and have “life” impact it in some form or fashion.  My blogging has had a few interruptions by a few extracurricular activities that I’m involved with the local theatre company and unexpected family illness twice with my parents that I’ve had to oversee.  I’ve really learned several things about myself: time management skills need a few adjustments, has redefine what I truly want out of life, realize that connections in social media are endless, will keep you focus on your set goals (or helps you to realize how “unfocus” you may be), identify barriers in what you want out of life.  These are just a few of the things that I have been reflecting on this past week.

I would encourage anyone who is brave and outspoken enough to begin blogging.  You will never know where it may take you.  Just make sure you “check-in” and evaluate yourself form time to time or you may end up with an oil slick like in the Gulf of Mexico.  Somewhere, there was a leadership breakdown in the communication process that the safety device was malfunctioning before the explosion.  That kind of brings up a good question for us as individuals; is there a small malfunctioning area in our own lives that may create an explosion later?  Are there any malfunctioning processes or procedures at work that may be on the verge of exploding?  Those little things in life or at work that are just not working as they should – just how important are those?

We see in this case, it has been a matter of life and death, environmental destruction, as well as economic loss for a region and its industries.  The key point, while you may not sweat the small stuff, beware, it may explode in your face later in life.  Learning thought: keep a tab of all things and evaluate risks if small things do not work well!!!


6 thoughts on “Lessons from 6 Months of Blogging

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  2. What I love about blogging, and what is evident you’re learning throughout your experience is that we start this venture hoping to learn something, share our thoughts and help others, and it seems we always end up learning the most about ourselves. Keep rockin’ Bryon.

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