Leadership! Really, Who’s Watching?

For those who may not have known, it’s been a Photo credit by John - mailsparky from stock.xchngbusy spring with some hobbies that took over my life – in addition to the semi annual visit by the allergy gods (that must have been angry with me).  This week’s blog post will be very short!

As I have been zoned out the past three weeks, a continual thought has come to my mind about leadership:

why do we become so darn overly concerned about everyone else’s leadership? Really, as we are pointing fingers and blaming everyone else for everything that has gone wrong over the past 10 years, we must realize there are three fingers pointing back.  What are those fingers pointing back to?  The most cautious thing in accusing and blaming others, being careful not to become the thing we point the one finger!  (Now there’s a deep thought for you on a Friday afternoon!)

I wonder at times the defects that we see in others, it is from our very own insecurities or leadership gaps that we see in ourselves?  Sure, if you dissect every leader that has been labeled as great, there will be some type of defect noted – it’s just human.  When we see one fault in another leader, are we able to find three faults in ourselves?

For those that call or define themselves as a leader, what group of standards are we using to measure ourselves too?  Are those the same standards we are measuring all other leaders too?  (We have to compare apples to apples, oranges to oranges here!)  My thinking trend on this topic has been influenced from being tapped to be part of leadership series at work, 21 Qualities of a Leader.  The other thought, seeing the numbers saying we could be pulling out of this “Great Recession”.  As we think about all the things that have happened on Wall Street and in DC, our leaders have faced very tough decisions.  I’ve often wondered what will be said in years to come that will be the top standards or qualities of leadership that have allowed them to lead our country through these times – knowing this will be different for each person.  Is it integrity, authenticity, discernment, charisma?

Please share with me your thoughts!


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