The Biggest Road Block in Life, ME!

What a crazy two weeks of my life with the performing arts hobby, aiding my parents with some medical situations, and dealing with my very own semi-annual allergy fight. However, not all of my time has been in vain. As I took off today to recover from the two week fight of allergies, I took some time to really ponder life (and I’ve realized I haven’t posted a blog in two weeks). I have to admit that over the past few months (and years), I’ve experienced ups and downs, frustrations, and a few times joy.

Often in life when I make goals or plans, it’s like when I get this, or have this level of support, or reach this mile stone. On the way to obtain my semi-yearly medical treatment for allergies, I really started thinking my usual series of questions: am I to hard on myself, do I expect too much of myself, are my goals and objectives in life really obtainable? Then I started looking at my life from a different perspective. Do I let friends/family influence my decisions to much? Do I let others make my own life decisions for me? Do I let things in the past hold me back from achieving things I want to accomplish in the future?

Like all humans, I’ve been subjected to a few not so good things in life to have happened. I’ve allowed people to be a road block for me and to stand in the middle of me and my dreams. There’s no need to list out all that has gone wrong, what will that accomplish? Others have climbed out of a pit and moved on, is it possible for me? I amaze myself at the number of excuses or lousy reasoning I tell myself when it’s time to accomplish something. Such vague examples of: really Bryon, you’ve got the brain power for this? What will others think if you accomplish many things in life? What about living life in stealth mode or in public service? Yes I have realized that one of the biggest hurdles in life holding me back is me! Nothing else and no one else can take the very spot of Me being the biggest road block. Me! Time to make a few phone calls and get the ball rolling on a few things around here. What about you, how have you been the biggest road block for your very own life?


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