Career Frustrations: How Are You Managing Them?

It’s one of those weeks.  The golf world is waiting to hear the words of Tiger Woods and his love saga.  We have apparently become a nation that can’t handle rejection or conflict as we have heard about to instructors in the learning field going postal over tenure rejection – even in the Ivy League world.  I wonder what type of rationalization and intelligence has been taught regarding emotional factors?  We hide defects and quite any opposition to grow our brands with a willingness to sacrifice quality and safety for a few $’s.  In the entertainment world, the John Mayer comments – I’m glad to see some maturity here as he apologized to fans and everyone on the Nashville stage (somebody’s learning something somewhere!).  And to top this, taking a plane to takeout the Texas IRS Building?  Com’on, haven’t you heard the term, render to Caesar what is Caesar’s?  Hey, freedom is great and I enjoy it as much as everyone else, but freedom comes with a price!  There’s no way around it!   Everything in life has sacrifices.  Many people can’t stand our government, but really, if you think, would we have the life we have today if it wasn’t for our government system?  When have we been so immature that opposing political parties who recognize a health care mess have issues wanting to sit down and work on a plan together.  What has happened to a little cooperation in this world?  And now the mystery of Vanderbilt’s top-rated football recruit killed – not even going to go there on this one!?

Oh yes, and the list goes on as I’m checking the web for the latest happenings…  I personally ask is life so bad that we want to take the lives of others to ease our frustrations?  Have we lost all emotional control?  Are we running scared of where and what has become of America?  When did we start holding people as commodities instead of living, breathing, human beings.

Has our society failed to teach how to manage conflict, deal with change, and disappointments?  In my own personal life, I have more experience than most dealing with life’s setbacks and conflicts not only in the professional world but also personally.  Working for employers who have either gone bankrupt, downsized, outsourced/offshored, and business startups that have not been so successful, (and now working with my manager in trying to figure out where my next professional learning opportunity move will be) truly has brought some emotional turmoil in life.  Personally, having a brother with a disability, parents with failing health, growing up not having everything, and we will not even mention my right-left brain conflict.  Each new time a frustration has occurred, I am learning something different about life and about myself every time.  During this “boot camp” of life, that I’m now calling it that never seems to end, has been a chance to really define what I do not want out of life or what decisions to not make.

Here is what I have learned about managing frustrations:

  • Take time to digest the happenings.  It’s ok to give up, it’s not ok never getting back on your feet again.  A job loss to outsourcing/offshoring brought about an opportunity for me to experiment with the career direction that I have been desiring for a long time.
  • Giving up high dreams isn’t required when life goes bad, giving up your rights to them – now that’s a different story.  My hobbies, wow, first one of my photos is featured in the local paper’s weather report, and now I’m happy to be back on stage with music.
  • Be flexible, you will never know what green pastures the detours in life will take you by.  I’ve met some very interesting people along the way making the detour more enjoyable.
  • Creating your very own road/journey is the best way to become you, who really wants to be like everyone else?  We are all unique, accept it and move on with it – some day the business world will catch up with this.
  • It’s when we are wanting to emotionally explode is when we have failed to stop and evaluate learning experiences.  The toughest lessons, managing conflict with family.
  • Truly give up the thought that everyone has it together – stick around them long enough, you’ll see this everywhere (including the Ivy League world).
  • Learn to massage those tough situations for the better good of both parties – with this present economy, we need all the bridges that we can get!!!

Please let me know your thoughts on how you have managed life/career frustrations…we are all on the same ship, and the ship still has to sail…


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