Tech Craze: Why Are Our Gadgets So Addicting?

After my third attempt, I am now able to begin writing this week’s post.  Yes, I have to admit, some of my delay was in procrastination (we all have it, why try hide it), some is in a personal decision to relax and recover from a personal stressful January.  

I debated what to write about this week.  How to juggle a professional career among family drama as “Guiding Light” has nothing on my family other than a few may need some type of guiding light!   Other thoughts were about leadership in times of “storms” such as weather.  Then there is the sensitive topic, of how well do you know your associates from a recent school shooting by a teacher on the administrative staff.  Then, there is the never ending topic of social media addiction from Tweeter and Facebook; apparently the lonely American society has finally found a way to overcome its “unconnectedness” and reconnect.  Don’t worry my fellow tech friends, we will find away to connect.  It is in the human nature DNA.

Well, the topic of choice this week is from a totally different perspective from an article I found on “iPad, Google Buzz, 3-D TV: ‘meh’? Are tech fatigue, tighter wallets to blame for lack of product excitement?” Really, just how many new things and gadgets can our economy and brain handle?  I mean, to have “everything” that we are to have, I’m going to have to ditch my laptop bag and start carrying a carry-on suite case.  Truly, other than my day job, the laptop bag stays home.  The less I have on me, the less I have to loose after being out with friends for the night – you can trust me on that one.

The question of the day, how may our Tech Craze gadgets really improve our leadership?  After all, leadership truly deals with a person’s character.  In my opinion, tech gadgets will bring character out – either good or bad.  For me it is nice to have the new tech devices as I’m able to check personal and work email to have a better work/life balance.  However, I’m learning that I may be suffering from tech gadget addiction, which feeds social medial addiction.  Two cell phone lines, both XM and Sirrus Radio, and many other double things…having two of everything is simply a recipe for a brain crash!

For me as a leader, I am more organized and can stay “in touch” with projects and events that I have going on.  Our tech crazed world does make it better to be easily accessible, but really, were we designed to become that easily accessible?  I’m very happy that social media sites will feed from each other.  I’ll be even happier when our tech gadgets will become more compatible.  However, one thing that I may truly say about blogging, I have realized just how much time during the week I am unproductive – maybe a reason why I’m a few weeks behind on some personal goals.  Nevertheless, I will get caught up!!  Always have, always will.  Please share, how has our tech gadget crazed world aid you in a positive way for leadership?  There has to be some good out of this somewhere?


12 thoughts on “Tech Craze: Why Are Our Gadgets So Addicting?

  1. Gadgets, New Media and Tech have all become integrated into my daily life. By now, it’s all a routine. What I’ve become really good at is creating filters to process information and manage my time. That’s the part that keeps me sane and productive. Otherwise, I’d be wasting away too much time…

  2. i was beginning to believe that i might end up being the only human being which cared about this, at least at this point i discover im not loco 🙂 i am going to make sure to see various several other blogposts when i get a little caffeine in me, it is actually rough to read without having my coffee, adios for now 🙂

  3. Yes, I agree it is so easy to be stuck in a routine as technology so much aids in routines. Tech gadgets are wonderful, but I am realizing they also require strong disciplinary management skills to keep oneself out of a program rut.

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