How Much Organization Do I Need to Live?

The last two weeks have been quite crazy for me juggling family medical issues, my own little medical flair up, work,music for the play, etc.  I’ve took a moment and decided that one of my greatest strength’s have been neglected, organization.  This also comes at a time to where one of my local professional groups hosted a session about organization.  Unfortunately, I was not able to attend.  Why?  Part of the effects of being unorganized too long (and a little of my OCD causing my blood to boil – literally, at least that’s what the medical staff says).  But this topic had me thinking, hmm, “organization”???

As I’m preparing for an upcoming performance, I decided to stop and go through my music file.  For those that know me, organization is one of my pet peeves.  I have a file, box, shelf, bag, for everything.  For some reason, organizing my music files, different story.   As I cleaned up the music room, I soon realized I had copies of songs on both keyboards, copies on the desk, copies on the floor, and copies in the music folder – of the same song.  When I started consolidating my the files, I soon realized I had everything mixed.  I had songs for weddings, performances, special occasions and somewhere in this pill of trees, I found my favorite recipe for a healthy version of carrot cake (well that’s except for the cream cheese icing).  Yeah, “which one of these things doesn’t belong here”?

Wonderful, I thought.  I’m all set with the exception of…this triggering off one of my near OCD challenges, a trip to Lowes to buy materials to get organized.  Yes, it involved being creative on a low budget to buy materials for shelves and to rearrange everything in the room and borrowing my father’s carpentry skills and power tools.

Ah, now that everything is nice and neat, I can sit back and relax.  Well, that’s at least until I can make it back out to the office supply store and by alpha index tab to finish organizing the songs.  I’m even thinking about bring out a few more belongings out of storage to put on the shelves (it’ll be like shopping all over again, but the checking account will not take the hit – ha).  Knowing that I was due a posting on leadership this week, I began to think of a few recent events.  I wonder, if as leaders and even trainers, we spend enough or too much time organizing?  Interesting, do you ever find that perfect balance in organizing materials or a business?  Or, is the perfect balance learned by near missed deadlines or other critical “could be losses”?  As many organizations are rearranging work to be more effective/efficient, truly, how much can a person milk out of a process and stream line events?  I reflect back as business needs change, so does processes change.  Oddly, our political system just hasn’t quite caught onto this quite yet.  I think this past decade though has taught a few people some lessons. What do you think?


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