What?!? You Mean Change?

It’s been a busy week full of holiday events and getting life ready for 2010.  There are many things that have been rolling through my mind.  One thought, how many of you really thought I was going to be a slacker and let this week’s post slide by?  Not a chance.  

This week’s post took a little longer to transcribe from all the photo edits I’ve been doing of holiday events for friends, my real job, networking, creating/writing a performing arts piece, and yes attending holiday events too.  Surprisingly, I have been able to carve a little time to reflect back over the past year/decade on the erratic leadership and financial choices made.  Now to add to life’s events of the decade, it is becoming evident that golf pro Tiger Woods has really made some not so wise choices in his life.  Those choices that were made have resulted in some not so idea results today.  In my opinion, I believe he is being very responsible in bringing about the balance of family and work into his life again.  Many may ask how does Tiger work into management concepts and ideas if he was only playing golf and left the rest of the business in hands with his agent?  It is all about choices, my friend, choices!

I sometimes wonder where the “calculated risk” factor weighed in where the risks to take were more valuable than the way the ship was moving.  To me, this seems to be one of the main underlying factors that has not been properly evaluated this decade, or has it?  Has anyone ever thought about the decision to allow the corporate current status quo standard of living to never change although we see a huge decline in profits?  Has anyone ever thought the consumer age and mass production age could take an economy to such a warp speed that somewhere the basic laws of supply and demand as defined by Alfred Marshall were going to kick in and bite hard?  Why is this difficult for management to recognize and truly believe the numbers that are in front of him/her?

Two weeks ago I attended a Virtual Training Group webcast featuring Stephen Covey.  He made the comment that many organizations see their associates as an expense rather than an investment.  I often reflect back and wonder about the basic management style of the many organizations that have struggled greatly.  Has it truly been the economy, markets, or how much of the struggle been with leadership?  I have struggled greatly to enter into the mindset of the executives to find the logical reasoning and the value associated with the numbers to understand why such choices was made?  Was profit the only concern on these individuals minds?  Was their other hidden agendas that they choose to make transparent?

Curious, have we truly thought we as mankind has evolved to the point that no scheme could ever be developed to out smart the law of physics here of what goes up, must eventually come down?  Can the law of physics be applied to leadership and financial choices?  Was the risks of profit and lifestyles ever calculated clearly for the personal and business choices that were made this decade?


One thought on “What?!? You Mean Change?

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