Forget About Priorities, Live Life!

Make priorities, set goals, what’s happened to just living life?  Could a person be just as successful in life with just making life decisions on the fly without planning?  Or does priorities and goals still impact how successful a person may be?  As I’m sitting here staring at my “to do list” for the week, I have realize that what was a priority on Monday has changed.  As I think about the upcoming yearly performance evaluation at work, what was a goal in January of this year has now been replaced with other goals.  In this ever changing world, why set priorities, why set yearly goals?  How may a person plan for life with goals and priorities that may be valid today, however, tomorrow’s happenings may change everything!

I have experienced one of those “tomorrow’s happenings may change everything!” moments several times in my life.  Many of the small businesses and corporations that I have worked for in the past are now out of business or have totally restructured themselves.  Joking with friends, I have a good eye for what businesses will survive hard times and which ones will throw in the towel.  I have learned that what is most important to you, you will accomplish without an extensive “to do” list or reminders flashed all around your PC monitor to remind you.  It’s amazing how we are able to carve time to certain things in life.  It very easy to allow life to crowd out where our focus should be set, my question is why?  We have seen all kinds of leaders make interesting decisions resulting in financial and career limiting mistakes.  I often wonder what event took place in life that was so distracting to the individual to loose focus on what really mattered in life.  Were the tradeoff’s that were made for quick success worth the potential career failure later on?

What I have learned over the years is to group goals into what I call focus point areas.  Although we can’t predict change, we may closely observe what is around us and anticipate changes to take place.  With setting certain focus points over a specific time frame helps to reduce the stress that may come by just mentioning priorities or goals.  How many focus points can a person really have then and be successful and enjoy living life?  That all depends on how you define living life!  As a leader, there will be times you will become overwhelmed with the smallest of things.  Creating a focus point matrix will allow you to accomplish the goals and assist in keeping small things, small things!  I’ve learned one of the many key’s in life is to have a very broad vision for your life and allow major flexibility to accomplish this vision.

This leads to an interesting question, what are we doing to lead ourselves beyond those distractions?  I often wonder where Gen X & Y leaders can find the right people to have in our lives who will help us to stay on the right career track.  Is it possible to not lead our personal lives very well but be a successful leader in our professional lives?   Since September 2008, what type of leadership changes or adjustments have you made in your life?  My personal adjustment has been to really focus on how I may capitalize on my strength’s and to work on not allowing weaknesses to get in the way.  I find that I am valuing others more each day that have learned the art of being transparent and have realized their limitations in life.  I’ll end with a phrase coined by John Maxwell, ‘there is no such thing as business ethics’.  Ethics is just ethics – and that will help you keep your nose clean and your career booming, not dooming.


4 thoughts on “Forget About Priorities, Live Life!

  1. Great blog post, Bryon! I really like your “focus point” concept. I’ve enjoyed watching you restructure how you approach your life and can vouch that you practice what you preach! Implementing resources and tools that will keep you from getting overwhelmed as you work towards accomplishing your goals is a very important part of being a good leader.

    Have a fabulous holiday season!!! I hope to see you soon the next time you are in my area.

    ~ Kris Cavanaugh
    C.E.O. Catalyst & Coach

  2. Hey Kris, thanks for surfing by! You’re on my radar on my next visit. You’ve been a great help in breaking the ice for me in moving forward towards the things that I enjoy.

    Happy Holidays to you as well!!!!

    PS…(this blog post also received several other interesting comments last week as well on Brazen Careerist)

    See you soon!

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