Official Blog Release…

Hi friends and colleagues, this week’s blog posting is to announce the official release of Let’s Talk Leadership.  The past month has been a soft rollout of the blog for one of my biggest passions in life, leadership. This blog’s focus is around one of the new shifts I am making in my life towards professional development of Gen X & Y leaders (as I’m also one of those too).  The goal is to inspire, assist, and to faciliate disucssion around various hot topics in leadership for Gen X & Y.  This week’s short discussion is around breaks and life balance around the holidays.

It’s been an interesting week as the family has decided at the last minute to do a family reunion which has grown to 35 to 40 people in attendance at the moment – and up to two turkeys and two hams and everything else in between.  In addition to all the kitchen time, it is going to be a musical thanksgiving as I have been told to pack up the keyboard as we are going to sing!  (This should be interesting to say the least!). 

As I have taken a few PTO days from work this week, I have realized my personal to do list keeps growing for the things I want to accomplish this week. As a leader, and someone that is known to be the one to “get things done” in the family, it is often difficult to find that “chill” time to relax and enjoy the holiday season.  Thankfully I have some great friends who have pinned me down to a few social events to help me relax and enjoy the holiday season.  Do you have a group of friends that help support you to keep a healthy life balance?  An interesting thought crossed my mind this morning; we as leaders may be great at delegating in our professional lives, how great are we in delegating in our personal lives?  As I write this blog, I am in the middle of multitasking like crazy realizing my to do list keeps growing!

Enjoy the holidays and take a moment and reflect on what is important in life (and let the conversations begin)!


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