What Is Your Leadership Script?

The Script
“My life is a script” is a coined phrase used by one of my tech guys in regards to recent events with the software that I manage. This phrase stimulated my thinking in what is a life script and who is in charge of writing our scripts? So I Google the term and no I’m not talking about women’s health today (although my life script has had me working with quite a few of them and I probably could!). However, life script is a term that is described by Dr. Phil as “Our fixed beliefs define the roles we play in life and have a lot to do with the scripts that are running them.” When we mention or speak of leadership, what are your fixed beliefs in how a leader should act, be portrayed, value, etc?

Who has been writing the leadership script for us?
I have often speculated what leadership script a few people in this world have been following. It amazes me at times what script certain leaders obtain their ideas from, beliefs, or actions. To me, I think a crucial part of self discovery is to understand our very own script. Those that could influence our script are family, friends, co-workers, religion, education, etc. I have to revert back to two former managers in my life that have greatly influenced me the most. The greatest impact in my life I found a little odd. Everyone on our team truly enjoyed working with those leaders and managers. Another thing that sticks out to me is we met or exceeded our deadlines multiple times and somehow had a decent work/life balance. Please share with me what or who has been the main influence of your leadership script that has been written so far in your life?

Are we writing our own script?
Here comes the next thought, are we truly in control of writing our own leadership script? I would say yes. We can allow or disallow outside influences to determine the next chapters and the next acts in our script. It’s tough to comprehend that we have this type of control in our lives! What does your script look like? For me, reflecting back, the character in my leadership script has a general rule, “be nice to people” and a lot can be accomplished. Also, learn about limitations. Of course, there is nothing wrong with stretching yourself beyond a few limits. Take time to know what limits need to be stretched or should not be stretched. Close friends would describe me as one that is all for growth, change, and making things better for everyone (and never stopping). How would your friends describe your leadership script?

What does your leadership script look like?
Change, it is never too late to implement into your script. What does your script look like today? Does your script include others, topics of interests, your strengths, etc.? Tell me what type of changes do you plan on adding into your leadership script? My script change is to slow down life a little and spend time with friends that encourage me and energize me. I encourage everyone to keep writing your script no matter if your script includes a major section of transitioning and transforming into the leader that you desire to be.


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